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Find the Top 10 IT Staffing Agencies

IT staffing agencies become more popular day by day. Only throughout the United States of America, you can find more than 20,000 IT staffing agencies. The process of grading the best providers is not easy and time-consuming. That is why we have developed a ranking of the top 10 IT staffing agencies. Once you find the right IT staffing agency, you will hire the best team and minimize the risk of an unsuccessful hire.

IT Staff Agencies: Make the Right Choice

IT staffing agencies know how to look for the best tech talents in the market. If your team misses some skilled members, you can use the services of such agencies in order to find the matching employees for your current project and company. Our in-depth research has gener-bitious business goals. Here is the selection we did for you:


Toptal is one of the leading staffing agencies in the USA, which boasts various tech/business talents. It is a 100% unique staffing agency due to the fact that the biggest part of IT experts work remotely from different parts of the world. Toptal has been created as a worldwide freelance marketplace. Nowadays, Toptal is considered to be one of the best staffing agencies for the top Fortune 500 companies. Toptal used to deal mainly with tech specialists. Over the years of providing services, they cooperate now with finance experts, web designers, etc. The principle of work is simple. A company gets paired with an expert who is responsible to find the most matching specialist, working either hourly, full-time, or part-time.

Robert Half

Robert Half is a well-known IT staffing agency that offers companies a wide spectrum of professional staffing/consulting services and business solutions. As a candidate, you can refer to this agency in order to find the best career opportunities for yourself. The reputation of this agency is one of the best. Do you know that Robert Half’s business is traded on the NY Stock Exchange and is an official member of the S&P 500 index. Its work and determination has been recognized on the national level. 


Adecco is known all around the world, as it is one of the largest HR and IT staffing agencies. The goal of Adecco team is to connect the most talented experts with the top employers. Adecco was founded more than 50 years ago, and all this experience is valuable in the IT staffing and recruitment process. Adecco provides staffing services in the following niches: IT, accounting, retail, marketing, manufacturing, hospitality, customer service, administrative, etc.

Express Employment Professionals

Express Employment Professionals is a well-known franchise in the world of HR and staffing. There are many franchised locations throughout the world. The mission of the company is to find the most suitable candidates to fulfill the most ambitious dreams and satisfy staffing/career needs. The agency provides a wide range of staffing solutions, such as temporary staffing, professional search, evaluation hire, and HR for businesses across the country and even worldwide. The team helps its numerous clients meet a full scale of job positions, which include the following: industrial, IT, administrative, professional, etc.


Manpower is a reliable staffing agency with many years of experience. When it comes to IT staffing, a global presence is the mark of excellent reputation and trust of business partners and clients. The mission of Manpower is to help people find suitable employment and develop their professional skills to meet bright opportunities. Manpower always serves its business clients and job candidates, including recent graduates of educational institutions and veterans.


Aerotek is known for providing high-quality engineering staffing solutions. It cooperates with the aerospace and defense industries. Aerotek is proud to have a high ranking in the US market and even worldwide. Many expert analysts consider Aerotek to be one of the leading staffing agencies for IT, accounting, and financing.

Insight Global

Insight Global is a leading US provider of IT staffing solutions. The agency provides short/long-term contracts, direct placement, temporary-to-permanent, and enhanced T staffing services. Insight Global specializes mainly in IT, accounting, finance, engineering, government, and social jobs. Since its foundation in 2001, the agency has rapidly expanded its services and geography and become one of the most successful IT staffing agencies in the USA.

AppleOne Employment Services

AppleOne Employment Services is a part of ActOne Family of Companies. The company has serviced the FEMA, and now a new corporation known as ActOne Government Solutions Inc. has been formed recently. The company works hard to serve the Federal governmental contracts, providing high quality HR and IT staffing services.

Jobspring Partners

Jobspring Partners focuses mainly on IT skill sets, which include the following: UI/UX, open source, mobile development, Microsoft development, AI, DevOps/Infrastructure, and online security. A highly qualified team knows how to find suitable candidates for IT companies and in-house departments. 


Kforce is able to find the best IT specialist for your most ambitious business projects. As one of the leading IT staffing agencies, specializing in technology, IT, finance, and accounting, Kforce knows how to engage its professional network to find the right candidates. 


IT staffing is quite a complicated process, which is not cheap. If you do everything yourself, you have to be ready to spend hours preparing job descriptions, reading through CVs, conducting interviews, checking credentials, and running background checks. If you hire the wrong IT specialists, you put your reputation and company’s growth in danger. Besides, the demand for qualified and experienced IT talent is growing very fast. The rate of unemployment in the IT field is very low, which is excellent for IT employees, but a big problem for companies. That is why it is important to cooperate with IT staffing agencies!