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Top Ranked CNA Travel Agencies in 2024

As soon as you have finished your formation as a nurse, you can start your professional journey as a travel nurse. We invite you to explore the best CNA travel agencies to find the right option for you. 

Nowadays, the number of CNA travel agencies is enormous, it is easy to get lost with such a huge choice. Our team has made an in-depth review of such agencies to determine the top-rated agencies for your convenience. 

So, in the following listing, you will learn more about the top 10 CNA travel agencies. If you’d like to find some additional details, we include the links to the official site of each described agency.

10 Top-Rated CNA Travel Agencies

Below we are going to describe the top-rated CNA travel agencies, which are based on independent reviews of other users. 

Axis Medical Staffing

Axis Medical Staffing deserves the title of the leading CNA travel agency. Many people use its services and leave only positive reviews. The agency was created in 2004. It provides excellent job opportunities, has a personal touch, and a motivational payment policy. The best advantage of the agency is that it provides healthcare benefits during the 1st month of hire. So, if you are adventurous, it is the right choice to do. 

Host Healthcare

It is worth mentioning Host Healthcare in our listing because this agency is one of the best in the niche. You can easily contact the support team and ask any questions 24/7. The team of professional recruiters will find the most suitable placement. Clients get access to many benefits, such as medical coverage for a month, matching algorithm, travel reimbursements, and a highly supportive team. If you just start your career as a travel nurse, it is an excellent choice. 

Triage Staffing

Triage Staffing has an excellent reputation. People who use the services, as well as employees of this agency, leave a lot of positive reviews. People appreciate clear communication and long-term relationships with the leading recruitment team. If you want to find a job as a travel nurse, it can be your perfect option. Keep in mind that the corporate culture of Triage Staffing is casual and fun. Note that you will need to gain a minimum of 2 years of experience to be able to use the services of this CNA travel agency.

Fusion Medical Staffing

Fusion Medical Staffing deserves to be included in the list of the top-ranked CNA travel agencies. It was founded in 2009 as a small business, but recently the agency has grown rapidly. The team won several awards for its determination and excellent workplace culture. The agency accepts new graduates, provides mentorship programs, emphasizes on volunteering, and promotes an inclusive culture.

Travel Nurses Inc.

Travel Nurses Inc. was created more than 30 years ago. The agency features 24/7 professional clinical support. The team is proud to have the ClearlyRated Best of Staffing award in 2021-2022. The agency provides a job board and special tool for booking housing options. Clients appreciate getting access to their healthcare coverage and full transparency in contracts. You will get in contact with a recruiter who will review your case and offer you the best job possibilities. This CNA travel agency has numerous positive reviews on social media platforms. 

Atlas MedStaff

Atlas MedStaff is considered to be a reliable NCA travel agency with an excellent reputation. It has been providing services for more than three decades. They focus on working with experienced travel nurses and always tailor contracts to fit the needs of clients. The agency provides insurance and benefits options, paid housing options, and ensures transparent and long-lasting business relationships.

Prime Time Healthcare

Prime Time Healthcare provides high quality recruiting services for healthcare professionals. The agency was created 15 years ago. It is an excellent agency to deal with because a salary is their top priority, and it tends to go above the average on the market. You will get access to a wide range of benefits, referral bonuses, and even paid travel. 

Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions is a well-known agency that mainly focuses on well-tailored contracts for the travel nurses. You will discuss all your preferences and expectations with a recruiter to make a perfect contract. You can expect an excellent plan, bonuses, health benefits, and assistance program.


RNnetwork has a very high ranking in the market. You will have a positive experience cooperating with this CNA travel agency. The team is famous for its personal and friendly approach. The agency provides all the needed information for you to start a successful career as a travel nurse. Clients get the highest compensation and interesting benefits.

OneStaff Medical

OneStaff Medical hires the most experienced recruiters. Contact the agency and find the solutions immediately. The team will help you set the right career goals and meet your personal travel expectations. Clients get access to housing options and numerous benefits. Make sure you have 2 years of nursing experience before you start the application process. 


Whichever NCA travel agency you choose from the listing above, you will have a positive experience as thousands of other people. It is important to work with the top-ranked agencies if you want to have access to high salaries, interesting bonuses, and full-scale support. We recommend you to explore multiple options before making the final decision. It is the key to get the best career opportunities and the best contracts ever!