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10 Best Recruitment Agencies: Find the Best Talents

A lot of agencies have been reviewed to present 10 best recruitment agencies worldwide. Every company’s owner knows the importance of finding talented team members. Recruitment is a challenging task. Only an experienced recruiter can recognize new talents and make them stay in the company. That’s why it's crucial to cooperate with reliable recruitment agencies to reach your business goals.

In-depth Analysis of 10 Best Recruitment Agencies in the World

Every business owner has his own hiring needs and preferences, so you’d better review the entire list to find a perfect match. Once you are informed about all pros and cons, it is much easier to come up with the right decision, 


Horizons is one of the best recruitment agencies in the world. It is known for its professional and strategic approach to talent acquisition. The agency focuses on connecting companies with matching candidates worldwide. A highly experienced team uses various sourcing techniques to meet your business needs. Thanks to the 360-degree recruitment method, you will find the needed employees much faster. It is a rare agency that helps hire staff members overseas by using the Employer of Records solution. 


Randstad has 5,000 offices worldwide, which focuses on providing high quality services to big enterprises. It is one of the leading recruitment agencies with more than 60 years of experience. The agency offers the following services: in-house HR management, staffing, admin tasks, and advanced digital services for automating HR-related tasks. Randstad can help you with permanent placements for companies.


ManpowerGroup has an international presence. The agency provides high quality recruitment and staffing services for clients from 75 countries. The list of clients is enormous (14,000 companies of all sizes). Clients choose ManpowerGroup for its diversity, professionalism, equity, and inclusion efforts. Thanks to 70 years of recruitment experience, the agency has an excellent reputation, so you can fully trust it.


Toptal agency focuses mainly on freelancers. We all know that the market is overwhelmed with freelancers, so the only solution to find the best candidates is to do a professional evaluation. The agency accepts approximately 3% of candidates. The best thing is that an employer can test candidates before hiring them. So, if you want to hire freelancers, Toptal is one of the best places to do it. It is your solution not to get messy in the freelance world.

Robert Half

Robert Half International is known for its expert approach to supply marketing/accounting/finance employees. The company has 400 offices all around the world. It is a known company in the international recruitment space and a winner of many awards. It is the right choice if you look for marketing, accounting and finance candidates. Clients get access to diverse recruitment options and flexible solutions. Robert Half International has vast experience in the following industries: creative, administrative, finance, legal, etc. If you need true experts, you will find them with the help of Robert Half within a short period of time.

The Adecco Group

The Adecco group is considered to be one of the largest staffing and HR agencies in the world. You should use its services to deal with temporary, permanent and freelance placements. Clients can access outsourcing, consulting, and training services as well. The main focus is on business, financial, manufacturing, IT, and medical hiring. An impressive portfolio of Adecco is the best proof of its efficiency.

Kelly Services

Kelly Services is a reliable agency to deal with in terms of hiring the right candidates for small businesses and startups. You will find true experts, regardless of your budget and business needs. The agency was created 80 years ago, and it connects more than a million people to the matching positions worldwide on a yearly basis. The agency has a diverse range of expertise, but it is the most efficient for recruiting top engineers.

LaSalle Network

The LaSalle Network focuses mainly on building a professional company culture. The team uses advanced tracking tools and software to meet the highest standards of HR and staffing needs. LaSalle offers services in many industries. Clients appreciate ethical hiring practices. The company prioritizes culture in the workplaces.

Lucas Group

Lucas Group can help your company find the right candidates with the needed experience and open-minded to match company culture. The agency is able to find the best experts in many different industries thanks to its unique matching process. Every potential candidate gets evaluated: personal qualities, professional experience, skills, and cultural fit. Such candidates can easily fulfill business operations and make your company grow.


Aerotek agency has been providing engineering recruitment services since 1983. Now, the team has expanded to many other industries to meet the diverse needs of international clients. Aerotek has offices throughout Europe and Asia Pacific. Clients are satisfied with efficient hiring services and fast results.


We have examined many different agencies and came up with the best recruitment agencies. Hopefully, this shortlist with brief descriptions will help you find the perfect candidates. So, if you are limited in time, it makes sense to use the services of reliable recruitment agencies with an excellent reputation. By investing money into such services, you invest into the prosperity of your business, as your staff is your biggest treasure.